Primary Care Specialist

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Primary Care services offered in Midland, TX

Primary care offers the basic medical tests and preventive services you need under a single roof. At Preferred Medical Center in Midland, Texas, board-certified Raj Pandya, MD, and the team offer a range of primary care services, including physical exams and diagnostic lab tests. To schedule your next appointment, call the office or book online today. Walk-ins are also welcome.

What is primary care?

Primary care is a broad category of medicine that covers the majority of the basic medical care and maintenance you routinely need. More specifically, primary care includes the preventive services that maintain your health, even if you don’t have any current ailments. It also includes chronic disease management. 

Unlike other primary care offices, Preferred Medical Center also offers urgent care and sick visits on a walk-in basis. That means you can get consistent treatment for acute illnesses and injuries from the same providers that manage your long-term health. 

Dr. Pandya and the team welcome you and your family for all-ages primary care, including regular physical examinations to check in on your health and wellness. 

When do I need a primary care physical?

There are a few different types of physical exams, all of which involve a few basic steps and some variations. Preferred Medical Center offers the following physical exams:

Annual physicals

Annual physicals are examinations you get yearly. They go over basic aspects of your wellness, including your vital signs, neurological function, breathing, and mental health. 

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

DOT physicals are necessary for anyone who wants to maintain a commercial driver’s license. They confirm whether or not you can perform the duties of your job while keeping yourself, your passengers, and the general public safe.

School and sports physicals

School physicals are a prerequisite for enrollment in school. Sports physicals show that you or your child is healthy and fit to engage in athletic activities through school, a sports association, or for personal peace of mind.

What other services does primary care include?

Preferred Medical Center offers appointments when you’re sick or not feeling well. Whether you arrive with symptoms or the team notices a discrepancy during a physical exam, the next step in your primary care visit may be lab work. 

Dr. Pandya and the team use lab work to narrow down possible diagnoses. These tests also prevent medical errors and complications while offering insight into how your body functions. By getting your lab work in the same office where you get primary care, you can simplify your medical care and avoid carrying the lab results with you to every new doctor you see. 

To set up your next primary care visit or one for a family member, call Preferred Medical Center or book an appointment online today. You can also come in without an appointment for same-day care.